We are a new, ready and small IT company in Kaduna, Nigeria. We provide a wide variety of IT services, our focus online however, is to help develop web/and/applications for clients seeking a friendly and superb solutions to their simple problems.

We can build apps to your taste either in python (with Flask) or php (with wordpress). Since 2017 when we started this, we have built several public and private applications/websites that are currently being used.

Some of the public websites/apps in our portfolio include:

  1. ZaGeeBiz
  2. Tenders Nig
  3. Kapsco
  4. Housing Market
  5. Bagara Agro Biz
  6. Msportvibe
  7. Nami Tenders
  8. SchoolApp
  9. Oud – by Ruqayya Perfumes

If you have any question for us, feel free to contact us here or call us on +2347039012508 anytime between 9am and 9pm GMT+1.